Happy New Year! Goodbye Hunting and Football Seasons.


I have had a lot of fun putting an end to this whitetail season by taking my nephew and my wife hunting with me.   Usually I go alone so it was nice to have someone with me to show and teach how I hunt.  I am very proud of both of them because they both harvested a deer with clean shots.

I have also had some fun getting rid of some pesky varmints that have been tearing up my feeder and the area where I hunt.

I thought my freezer would be full of whitetail meat, but I was wrong. I only took two whitetail to the freezer this year. The good news is that I have a freezer full of axis meat, which I will never complain about.  It seems like The axis deer are taking over the area in which I still won’t complain.  I hope you all have stayed warm and had a good hunting season!

As for football season now, I am pulling for the Vikings!  Screw the eagles!  I am also tired of seeing the patriots win the Super Bowl and I don’t believe in the jaguars enough for them to beat them in the AFC  championship.


The Axis Buck I have been watching and waiting for.


I have been seeing this Axis buck on my game camera for a few months now.  The problem is that he shows up at 2 am till about 4 am about once every two weeks.  He even stayed one time until about 15 minutes before I got to my Hunting spot.  He is one of those bucks that is very wise and is easily spooked in his old age.  Obviously a Fighter considering the broken horn on the right side.

This particular morning I was a little bit off my hunting game.  I had woke up and showed up late.  I wasn’t expecting much but to sit with nature and watch the sun rise.  Since I was later than usual I decided to skip a few steps of my routine.  I didn’t throw out any Hay, and I didn’t grab my green spot light to watch what was stirring around when I got there.  It was a nice and cold morning and still too dark to see anything but I sat in my spot and waited for the sun to rise.  It was starting to get lighter and I could bearly make out a small doe within 15 yards of me eating off of the ground, when I start hearing the basket, where I keep a salt block and deer mineral block in to stop them from rolling down into the river, about 15 ft away from my feeder.  Something was really moving the cage around and going after the blocks.  I figured it was probably a doe or racoon, because I still couldn’t see that far.  It was still really dark and I wished I had my spotlight, so I could at least make out what shadows where what.  Everything was blended together.  I sit still and wait.  The noise from the basket is going crazy and the urge to go get my spotlight is really getting at me.  From the amount of noise and the consistency of it I knew this wasn’t a racoon anymore.

It is getting lighter outside, the shadows are starting to separate and I can start to tell there is either two deer side by side or one huge buck making all of this noise.  My heart starts beating faster I look through my binoculars to try and see what is going on with the basket.  I still can’t tell what it is yet, so I look at the time and realize the feeder is going off in about 5 minutes.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing.  I have seen the noise of the feeder attract deer and scare them off and they don’t come back.

The sun is just about to rise, I can make out that this is the buck I have been watching on my game camera.  He has been eating on both the salt block and the deer block.  I am watching him through my binoculars but the is too much in the way for a clear shot.  He has four other does with him and they are all eating from the ground.  I start watching him from my scope on my rifle waiting for the clear shot.  The feeder goes off and I am expecting him to run off and not to come back.  He lifts his head and turns around and starts making his way to the feeder.  He didn’t run off!  My heart beat is going crazy.  The does are crossing my shot path and making this shot very difficult.  The buck lifts his head to shoo them away from his food.  I take a few deep breaths to slow my heart rate down and to calm my self.  He turns back around and stretches out giving me the perfect opportunity for a clean shot.  I breath in and slowly let it out while griping my gun steady and putting my cross hairs of the scope in the perfect spot and an instant kill and pull the trigger.  He drops instantly.  I got the buck I have been hunting for awhile now.


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Whitetail deer season is in full swing!

I know I said I would write on last Sunday’s events, but I got really busy and didn’t know if anyone enjoyed the one from Saturday so I just didn’t do it.  I will give you a brief run down of  last Sunday’s hunt.  I didn’t shoot anything and it was a lot like Saturday.  There done with that!  This past Weekend was a different story and that is what today’s blog is about, The first kill of the Season.

Saturday November 11, 2017-

This mornings hunt was a lot like last weekends hunts.  The same great stuff happened .  I woke up early, got some coffee, and listened to nature wake up around me.   Not much action but small deer that I don’t want to shoot.  After I leave around 11 and no deer worth the shot has come out I talk to a friend and he tells me to use DEER URINE!  He tells me the biggest buck he has shot on his property was when he used it.  I have seen it in the store but never thought of using it, or knew why it was there, because I have never had to.

I head to the store to the outdoors section and there it is, right next to the mineral blocks and deer corn.  So I look at the different brands they have and do a little research on the ones with the best reviews online, and purchase the one I think will best meet my needs.

I get back out to my hunting spot and get some gloves on and the wicks out of their package and open the bottle of Urine.  WHEW! This stuff is strong and stinks.  I gag at the smell of it and set it down and walk away for a minute.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.  I regain my composure and and stick the wick in the bottle and let it absorb the urine.  I have 4 wicks and stick the around my the area where I hunt.  Luckily I shoot a gun and not a bow so I won’t have to smell these things.  There is a little extra stuff left in the bottle so I pour it on the legs of my feeder and other trees in the area.  I also get some hay out and spread it around  and got back up and wait for the action to start.

The action doesn’t start on this day and only small deer that I don’t want to shoot come up to the area.  I do notice there is a Spike acting weird and smelling around the feeder a lot and is chasing some of the does around, but still not worth the shot.   I live to hunt another day.  I go home and get some rest looking forward to Sunday’s hunt.

Sunday November 12, 2017 –

I wake up before my alarm goes off, and glance at my phone with one eye, because I know its going to be too bright.  Its 4:00 am, What in the heck is wrong with me?   I have another hour before I need to leave but I know I can’t go back to sleep, so I get up and get coffee and dressed up in my full camo clothing and head out.

4:45 am:  I arrive to my spot  Its really early so I know I can move around and make a little bit of noise and still be able to get something.  I throw out some hay just for extra food and attractant and get back to my shooting area and wait for the deer to start moving around.

5:00 am:   Its really hard to see because its so dark but I can begin to make out the silhouettes of some deer.  They are of good size but I can’t tell what they are and they keep crossing in front of each other.  5:30 am:  Its getting brighter out and  can tell these 4 deer are all Axis!  I cant quite tell if any bucks are out there but I can see the spots on them in my scope.  They are still crossing in front of each other so its still tough for a clean shot or I would take an Axis now since the are considered an exotic and you can hunt these deer 24/7, but I wait for a clean good shot to take.

6:00 am:  I never got a clean and clear shot on any of the axis deer and they have moved on now, and the whitetail deer are here.  The sun is about to come up and I can see a few does that a good size. It’s a little brighter and I can tel;l the deer apart in my scope. The sun should be coming up in about a half hour. I’m watching the deer through my binoculars and out of no where an 8 point buck comes running out and starts chasing the does around. He starts running back and forth not even chasing anything and acting weird. He disappears out of sight. The buck come back into sight And Is running back and forth again acting weird. 6:30 am: The buck stops and lowers his head to eat some hay. The sun has started rising. I have the buck in the cross hairs on my scope. My heart is racing. I breath in and let it out. BANG! My gun goes off. The buck drops immediately and doesn’t move, and all of the does run off. My first deer of the season! FINALLY!

Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Has Begun!

I have always had Good luck the opening weekend you can read how my weekend went this year, here are my field notes from this weekend.  I hope you enjoy!

Saturday  11-04-17 – Morning Hunt:

5:00 am: Making Coffee!   The best part of waking up is coffee, especially this early.  5:30 am: Drinking Coffee and sitting watching for the deer to start moving around. It is very humid with no breeze at all.  The moon is very bright tonight so its easy to tell there aren’t any animals moving around right now.

6:00 am:  Still no breeze and very humid, UGH!  I can hear what sounds like a hog across the river and something else walking through the tall grass to the right of me where I can’t see.  This is giving me some hope! 6:30 am:  Not much has changed its still dark and I’m hearing animals move around, but nothing in front of me.

7:00 am:  The Sun is starting to come up and making it easier to see.  The humidity really sucks and still very little breeze.  I can still hear the hog across the river and the animal to my right has stopped moving around.  My Feeder is about to go off and It should bring in whatever is on my right side waiting to be fed.  7:30 am:  My Feeder went off  and I can see clearly now.  The animal to my right ended up just being a fawn and it is quite enjoying all the corn and protein my feeder just gave out.  Usually when the feeder goes off  the deer come running  pretty quickly, but not today.  The hog from across the river run through an opening so I can see it run off.  Very nice!

8:00 am:  The little fawn basically ate all of the corn and protein and has moved along.  I am getting very inpatient and need to stand up because my leg is falling asleep, but trying to sit still and not make much noise.  8:30 am:  I finally stand up and stretch out my leg quietly, and two whitetail and two axis does run across the property.  DOH!  I sit back down quietly and wait to see if they come back. 

9:00 am:  The deer didn’t come back as I thought they would.  I am getting very inpatient again and need to move around again.  I tell myself one more hour and I’m done.  9:30am: The fawn came back for round two of eating and and I leave at 10 am.

Evening Hunt:

5:00 pm: Instead of coffee, I start this hunt with a nice cold beer!  I know I know, I shouldn’t drink and hunt at the same time but it did help numb my misery from this morning’s hunt, and its just one beer.  This weather is much nicer.  No humidity and a much better breeze.  It is a little warm but I still have hopes of deer coming out so I can add some meat to my freezer.  5:30 pm: I am all set up and ready.  I sit and await, while listening to the birds chirping and the squirrels rummaging around trying to find food.  It makes me feel at peace just listening and watching nature.

6:00 pm:  My feeder goes off and I wait for the deer to come and eat.  I hear lots of movement coming from all directions, but nothing insight yet.  I believe this is going to be a good evening.  6:30 pm:  The fawn is back and has a few friends.  They are twin yearlings, which isn’t something I will shoot.  The squirrels are still running around and making tons of noise, which is good for me so I can’t move around a little and get another beer.  

7:00 pm:  The Sun is going down and all I have seen are the really young deer.  I still have some time though and I’m hoping with  all of the other wildlife activity a reasonable sized deer will grace me with their presence.  7:30 pm: The Sun is going down quickly, so I have limited time left to shoot a whitetail, but I still see wildlife moving around.  A brave little squirrel jumped up within 5 feet of me and ran across the railing.  It scared me quite a bit and I wanted to shoot it pretty badly, but I resisted the temptation.

8:00 pm: The Sun is down and I decide to go home and end this hunting adventure.  I could and should have stayed and waited to see if the axis deer would come out, but I decide to hunt another day.  Stay tuned for Sunday’s hunt.  I should post it tomorrow!

Happy Halloween & Happy Hunting


I am not a big on all the Halloween traditions such as wearing a costume, but I do find it important to spend time with family and friends before the start of hunting season, because hunting consumes most of my weekends for the next few months.

I do enjoy the pumpkin carving tradition.  Of course I enjoy most things when I get to use a knife and cut into things, but not in a creepy way.  There are some great Pumpkin carving kits out there that have some great cutting tools and stencils in them that make the process a lot easier and far more enjoyable.


I know there is a hatred for Candy corn out there, so I am offering this service for you if you are one of these weird people that don’t like these little slices of heaven.  You can bring your candy corn over to me and I will enjoy it so you don’t have to throw it out and feel wasteful!  You’re Welcome!

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?  What is your favorite candy for Halloween?  Leave me a comment below to let me know!

Fishing Lures! What colors to use!


There are so many different kinds and colors of fishing lures.  When and how do we decide what kind and what color of lure/bait to use?  There are two main things you need to consider when choosing a color are the clarity of water, and the time and type of day.

I typically use natural, light-colored lures for clear water/sunny days.  In clearer water and on bright, sunny days, a lure in a natural color resembling the forage they’re feeding on will lure them into biting. In soft plastic baits, that means Greens, Browns, and Shad colors. For hard baits, starting with a Shad, Bluegill, or a Frog colored is a good choice.

I use very bright or very dark lures for dirty water/cloudy days. In dark or muddy water and on overcast days, tie on a brightly colored lure to increase visibility, or use a very dark solid color to maximize profile visibility. A Black and Blue soft plastic is ideal; a White and Chartreuse spinnerbait will also produce. For hard baits, bright Chartreuse, Green, or dark, solid-colored lures will work.

Some days it just seems like nothing is working right and fish aren’t biting, don’t be afraid to try something completely different like all those wacky-named colors, like green weenie, puke, margarita mutilator, and methiolate.  There a method to the madness. Most bass anglers know that presenting a completely new color to bass that aren’t biting can somehow turn them back on. If you look in a seasoned angler’s tackle box, you’ll see alongside the standard colors a few colors not seen in nature—hot pinks, blues, red chrome, and multi-colored lures. Sometimes these unusual colors can be the key to success.

What are your favorite go to colors and lures that work for you?

Kayaking the Guadalupe River


Last Sunday I went kayaking on the Guadalupe river with my father-in-law and some friends.  We are usually fishing when we are kayaking and this was no exception, although not many fish were caught but we had fun.  My father in law caught a Catfish on a spinner bait, which I thought was odd and had only seen twice before.  I had a rough start and didn’t catch a fish till about 3/4 of the way through our trip. I started the trip using zoom lizards and I usually have great luck with them, but not on this trip.  It wasn’t until I switched to a Strike King spinner bait that I caught some fish.  The river is low right now where we were kayaking, but it had some beautiful scenery.  We only had one tip over and it was because the guy was distracted by taking pictures with his phone and not paying attention to where he was going and went over a tree branch. All in all we had a great day on the river.  What are you doing to past these last couple of weeks until hunting season?